Day 664

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Welcome to the vMundus game.smiley In the next few posts, you will find out everything about game mechanics.


Last update: Day 293.


Post order:

  1 - Welcome to vMundus.

  2 - Economy module. Part I.

  3 - Economy module. Part II.

  4 - Military module.

  5 - Political module.

  6 - Request New Country.


  This game is about the economy, politic, and war. You start with a specific amount of resources and two persons under your command. Go to Houses to view them. You can train your people to join the army and fight for your country. Every four days, you will be getting a new person under your command but, as a person becomes older, there's a chance that he will die. A person can live minimum 65 years and maximum 220 years.

  Death chance

Years %
65 1
70 2
75 3
80 4
85 5
90 6
95 7
100 8
105 9
110 10

  New people will appear at the same location as you are currently located at and will have the nationality of your citizenship country. Nationality can only affect statistics.


  Be careful of how you spend given products in the beginning of the game, spend them wisely, post Economy Module. Part I. explains how the economy module works.


  When you registered, you've been automatically added to your country's and world's chat, also, you've been automatically subscribed to Admin's Blog, but you can quit from those chats or unsubscribe from Admin's Blog at any moment. On the main page, you will see favorite chat, you can change it on the chat page by choosing any other chat and clicking on the star.

  Communication in this game is very important, especially when you're trying to build your own business empire or start a politic career, so don't hesitate to contact new people throughout the world, create new chat groups and help each other.


  Multiple accounts are not allowed in this game. Only two accounts are allowed per person. There is no permanent ban in this game, your account may be only temporarily banned for the maximum of 90 days, if you deserve to be banned for more than 90 days, then your account will be deleted.

  If you have access to ministry budget, don't try to buy overpriced products/currency using ministry budget to enrich yourself or others, you will be banned. Also, all transactions that involve country/ministry budgets will be available for public access.

  All previous ban periods will be added to a new ban, for example, if account was banned for "buying overpriced products" using ministry budget for the period of 10 days, but in a while user earned a new ban for "using multiple accounts" for 30 days, then, in summary, account will be banned for 40 days instead of 30.


  Referrals. If a player will register an account in vMundus using your referring link, then you as the referer will receive 1 gold and will be receiving 0.1 gold every time when user logins on a new day. A registered user will also receive 1 gold. You can find your referring link by clicking on your username on the left of any page, and then when your profile information opens, you will see a tab called 'Referrals'. If you will help a user to stay in the game for at least 3 days, then you will be awarded 'Society Builder' medal.  Each 'Society Builder' medal gives 2 Gold.



  Next:  Economy module. Part I.